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CHB Web Tracking System Link
Importer / Freight Forwarder / NVOCC temporary website login link:


Please input your assigned login name and password.  If you do not have an assigned login name and password please email us  with a request and you will receive one within 24 hours.

PLEASE NOTE:  This login is temporary. It is currently provided by our third party  service provider. Our direct website software is currently under  development and will be linked to our system directly through our  website!

This will allow our Freight Forwarder and NVOCC clients  to see thier clients entry status in real time.  The Customs codes are  located on the far right. The code descriptions are located on the far  left. Simply type in your shipment information (Master Bill of Lading,  House Bill of Lading, Container number, piece count etc) and click  enter. Your clients U.S. Customs entry and OGA information (FDA, ATF,  FWS, EPA etc) will automatically pull up. You can quickly see if the  file is open, in progress, under intensive examination, manifest hold,  documents review hold, or released and much, much more.

It's so simple and easy to use! And that's what we strive for at Michael S. Cooke, CHB!

Most  Customs Brokers do not allow their clients transparent access to the  clearance process (for a variety of reasons) or they make access so  complicated most clients don't even bother. At Michael S. Cooke, CHB we  strive to stay ahead of the curve. While other Customs Brokers are  'coasting' or clinging to outdated processes Michael S. Cooke, CHB is  working to improve our clients experience. Please call us today for  details at 310-356-7310.

NOTE:  the system will not allow you access to detailed entry information,  CBP's system, ABI, ACE or AMS. The information is presented in a  simplified and easy to use format. Detailed information is withheld in  accordance with 19 CFR 111.24.

Please call today for details.