Michael S. Cooke, CHB.
United States Customs Brokerage and International Trade Solutions.

We focus primarily on Customs Brokerage for Importers, Freight Forwarders and NVOCC's.

All imported cargo must first be cleared through U.S. Customs before being admitted into the United States. Customs Clearance is the most important and possibly most overlooked link in the supply chain.

Incomplete documentation or inaccurate information can result in increased waiting time for you and your valued clients. As well as heavy storage costs imposed by all Airlines, Ocean Terminals and Container Freight Stations.

U.S. Customs law requires that you adhere to all informational requirments for your shipments and pay duty on goods entering the United States according to the current tariff / duty rate. Informational requirments and duty rates vary widely depending on the type of product you are importing and can be one of the most complicated areas in International Law.

Customs clearance and compliance can be a long and frustrating process for those new to International Trade. Thats why acute profit driven Freight Forwarders and importers use a professional, reliable, reputible, and motivated Custom House Broker to clear their merchandise through US Ports and handle the complex and ever changing maze of U.S. Regulations and International Law .

Michael S. Cooke, CHB will clear your imported cargo directly, quickly and efficiently. We provide prompt assertive, bend over backwards service to all our clients in a way that no other Customs Broker can.

We work hard for you. We take care of the Customs clearance and compliance process for you so you can focus on your business and the bottom line.